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Mon Mar 17, 2014, 3:51 PM


For some reason I don't know, one can't see my journal in the widget.
One has to press 'journal' on the top --> and -->'all'  (in the left corner under the 'feature' text.)


SECLUSION... by chryssalis
Merry Christmas by Altair-E
Der Wachhabende (Guard Commander) by YBsilon
Christmas Night by Sandra-Cristhina
Elemental Passion by Lilac90
I Wanna be With You by Wesley-Souza
Deathgodess by Celairen
Beautiful In White 22 by Amro0
The myth of Lucretia by vampirekingdom
Music of the Stars by ElissandrAnne
Tomb Raider Snake Temple by DraakeT by DraakeT
Just a Dream by Sandra-Cristhina
Woman by VasiDgallery
Fighting my demons - Animation by Guihena
Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

Undervalued workRecently I came across this contest. The contest mentions specific requirements and asks for a paperback cover with 2 characters on it. The prize includes 2500 dA points to the winner... 2500 dA points!!! That is less than even $30! 
I used to think that people like writers, artists, musicians, they are all alike. They think the same way and value all art. But with time I realized that this isn't necessarily true. There are those who value other people's time and effort. And then there are those who don't. 
A lot of artists think that they should get just about any commission they can get their hands on just to get into the business and then gradually make their way up. Most of these are the same artists who want to make a living from their art sometime in the future. But what they don't realize is that this is what underpaid work is going to get you: an overlo

The New Planet by TaniaART Dark Archangel by DaniaArtsJohn Wayne drawing by WhizzieWhizzer The red in black by rollarius55
Elven Dreams by Kachinadoll Alfred and Mae by EricBaizePatrickMarkImages4 by MTJforever a l m o s t by JorgeQueiros
Demon Hunter by Gwendolyn1 Bloody Mary by Essilou-ArtThis is the kissing game by vitejesc Spuren Im Schnee D71-7756 by BiBiARTs
Sacrifice by MADmoiselleMeli <da:thumb id="440311695"/>Texture Practice by MrEyeCandy66 Ela by ZawArt
Wild by Fajralam Pearl White by philippeLGently Weeps by msfowle Jennifer Lawrence by Joanna-Vu
The Rehearsal by rsiphotography A window  to the soul by touchofthesoulRed Rose 2 by ZeeShiKing Enchanted Forest 2 by LindArtz
proud by Dieffi Whooping cranes by gigi50Dark Confidant by EstherPuche-Art Happy Valentine's Day ! by EveLivesey
 Crash in Time by frenchfox Herald of Spring by sesam-is-openthe ballad of mona lisa by Andaelentari Elven Dreams by Kachinadoll
MOTHER by oldSkullLovebyMW Marilyn.. by Alz-Stock-and-ArtIgnibus Doloris by Shades-Of-Lethe Britannia - Shieldmaiden of Albion by DriPoint
Angel of Peace by duzetdaram As Night Falls by DragonDewForest of Thorns by kimsol Ophelia by Sisterslaughter165
A window  to the soul by touchofthesoul My Island by SharonLeggDigitalArtOracle by EvanescentOceans Anastasia music box by Shadowed-Star18
Mother Nature.................... by pjenz Dark Sculptor(Lost Souls) by TiamatHeartSuprime by Topas2012 Color series II by luisbc
Dance Me To The End Of Love by LUCILALEYLA We Are All Stardust by Alpanulast journey by rudirei Heidi by GUDRUN355
Beatle Bass GUITAR by blanket86 Black-n-White Dream_08 by caddmanDevil's Dance by Altair-E Revelation 20:1 by TrisStock
Fallen Angel by Sandra-Cristhina Them One Within Me by thefantasimElizabeth by MonaParvin Happy Valentine's Day by primalfuryan
Flowers 0101 by Jamie-Nicole Celestial Warrior Lena by Carlos-QuevedoBlue Space by Whendell Last escape by Goldenphoenix-Titly
Divergent by lostfootsteps-art Prisoned Winter by CelairenDragon Tamer by Ideasplayer Spider Queen by ralfw666
It's Over by scarlovitc Scarecrow man by CharllieeArtsChopstick by Fae-Melie-Melusine Winter's Slumber by KimmieKrazy
 In Space by Wesley-Souza Goddess by Katarina-Zirine Silver Moonlight by PrincessMagical Gaia Deesse Mere by Marjie79
Bullying by heidi137 c o n q u e r by creativemikeyThe Feather Mistress by MoonlightMysteria Annabella by PMucks
Row of Cosmos by JocelyneR Close To Me by Cinnamoncandy Birthday Greetings by LewiARTs Layla by Flobelebelebobele
Full moon by Imalia-DA Flower Spoiled V3 by SK-DIGIART Bird of paradise by Yaevans A red winter by isissousa2
Dreamy by Tifareth Branded Soul by DreamDancer84Specter of the Swamp by Tifareth Strength by stellartcorsica
Harvest lover by ConceptDezines Chalice by Walking-TallMechanica by MachiavelliCro Lost by stichesBodyBagTtags
Whitehole by Hehayo 2020 Journey Back To Earth by ElementOfOne1G E N T L E by k-i-mm-i-e Seasons Lit With Gold by Nellena
Happy Birthday Joe... by Tigles1Artistry Apibis by claudio51NEO by jackodeco A Quiet Place to Rest (WIP) by dhbraley
The Tarts Of The Queen by Wimmeke63 Gather Me To You by Shedboy68Dryad-Ballpoint pens by XRlS My buccaneer by crayonmaniac
Words by Joe-Maccer Whats Behind by Rozrrcolonialism by Buntcone Summer by megan7
Crucifixion by Marazul45 R U N by Teddy-CubeFountain of Babylon by Lilac90 View over the Moon by Le-Regard-des-Elfes
Hidden objects. by katiousa15 TEACH ME MORE... by chryssalisI love you my angel by La--Boheme The  Ring by vampirekingdom
Elected to become an angel by Altair-E Why ...? by gotman68In Space by FurorArt The dangeon II by Dark-Angel669
Angel Anthea by babsartcreations trapped butterfly by peroni68Manic Depression by crilleb50 Calm In  the west lake by DiosaEMR
Lost and found by brietolga Whispers of Spring by maiarcitaReach by maxlake2 City of Gold by DriPoint
 Mirror by CindysArtMechanica by MachiavelliCro Zeus by PerlaMarina
Music Forest by AliaChek Gothica by BergkristalleFood Chain by Dani-Owergoor Naiad by NebelelfeNaemy
S p a w N by J-u-d-a-s Ibi Deficit Orbis by IgnisFatuusIIA Strange Encounter by Kurtzan <da:thumb id="421966737"/>
Mortuary by Aeternum-Art The Assassins by FictionChickPrestige ( SPECIAL ) by Amro0 Hello Spring by shiny-shadows-Art
Marilyn Monroe Radiance by MayFong queen Cleopatra, chronicles of Ancient Egypt by peterg666666Hope by Garden-Of-BlackRoses Cyborg by ElenaDudina
Autumn Path by EnchantedWhispersArt Once Upon A Dream by MarcoHerreraThe Bell Just Rung by x-bossie-boots-x Perception of Evil by LevanaTempest
Prisoned Winter by Celairen Thoughtless by sara-helMy Unicorne by Nataly1st Peacock by alexnoreaga
Light Of My Day by Bojan1558 Transitions by xeena-dragonkizzfear by MarkOoMarben Ice Angel by Patrick2011
The Lullaby of Waters by DeniseWorisch And It Feels Like Rain by LhianneThe Priest by neverdying <da:thumb id="438711501"/>
Irish Gentlemen by Walking-Tall <da:thumb id="437378616"/>  My new Hometown by MustafaSEZER APPO 75 by mistersingh
 That Sinking Feeling by Pygar When death follows you by batcula Unicorn by SeventhFairy

Wall  Of Conquest Book Cover IV by SweediesArt
Saga Of The De Magela Family I,II,III Book cover by SweediesArt


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